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Do you want to know what software is used in the software branche? Then read this blog…

Selling workwear is no longer just about selling clothing with a written, paper receipt. The corporate clothing industry is digitising a lot, which is why we are writing about the different types of software used in the workwear industry in this blog.

Wardrobe management system

A product that we know very well is the wardrobe management system. A wardrobe management system is focused on simplifying the entire ordering process for workwear, personal protective equipment and tools. This saves you both time and money.

A wardrobe management system has several specific features. Using certain data, it is determined which employee can order which clothing. We work with clothing sets that are assigned based on function, employment type, department, and gender.

It is also possible to work with personalised products. Examples are custom-made shoes or otoplastics. These can be assigned to one employee specifically.

The wardrobe management system has the option of working with a points system that can be assigned at group, department and personal level.

View all functionalities of Ecmanage.

ERP system

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system is a system designed to keep track of the financial administration and stock management. There are also major differences between ERP systems, which is why we have many integrations to integrate with practically all ERP systems. This means that orders are automatically forwarded from Ecmanage to the ERP system.

Take a look at our page on ERP systems. This way we have a solution for everyone.

Digital measuring software

Nowadays there are apps that allow you to take measurements digitally. With such an app, your body measurements are registered. This software is also being used more and more in the corporate clothing sector, so employees never order the wrong size again. This saves a lot of returns.

Ecmanage also sees this upcoming trend and that is why we have partnered with Sizer Technologies. Sizer is specialised in the digital measuring process (

Procurement software

A procurement software is software that is used to manage the procurement process. A significant part of the purchasing process of work clothing, personal protective equipment and tools can be automated. Procurement software deals with the approval of procurement orders, the inspection of expenditure and the control of invoices.

With the help of an OCI integration, we can create an integration with different procurement systems.

PIM system

PIM stands for Product Information Management. A PIM system is intended to structure product information. You can record product descriptions and characteristics in it, but technical information and media files can also be registered. At the moment we do not have an active integration with a PIM system. If you would like more information, please contact one of our employees and ask about the possibilities. We can always work it out together!

Would you like more information about the integrations Ecmanage offers with various software products? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tobias Giger (Marketing)

Date: Februari 17, 2022

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