Standard modules

Our system is used by suppliers of workwear and personal protective equipment, customers with their own company clothing and those who order their workwear. Ecmanage has a large number of standard modules that you can always make use of when purchasing Ecmanage. In addition, we offer further extensions for those customers who wish to configure their customer environments even more specifically.

Order with a personal budget

Take care of your customers. Determine how much budget a wearer needs to order their clothing.

Clothing sets

Who can order what? In a clothing set, you can determine what someone can order per function or employment type.

Your customer gets his own departmental hierarchy

Small or large, your customer can work in a structured way with Ecmanage.

Validation rules during ordering

Using validation rules, it is possible to limit the ordering freedom of wearers.

Tailoring products

In some cases it is necessary to alter clothing to size; this is also possible in Ecmanage.

Register returns

If there is an incorrect delivery or order, the wearer can register the products for return. If someone leaves service, use the return route.

Custom products

A clothing package is not always the same for all employees, it is possible to add personalised products to a carrier.

User agreement

In almost all organisations, there are clothing regulations. It is possible to have a clothing carrier agree to an agreement within Ecmanage, before a first order is made.

Dealer module

Each customer can be accommodated within Ecmanage in its own environment. This has many advantages, but sometimes it is more convenient to create an environment for several customers at once.


Within the basic environment of Ecmanage, many reports can be generated to provide insight into the use of the system.

Paying with various payment methods

With the help of Mollie, it is possible to let customers pay with money instead of a budget.

Portal checklist

To make sure you have set up the environment correctly, you can use our checklist.

Your customer gets his own layout

Upload your customer's logo and use the corporate identity colors. It is also possible to use Ecmanage in a completely different style, with your own URL and your own look in e-mail templates.

Self-registration module

It is possible for self employed persons, for example, to register themselves.

Asset management

With this module a notification can be assigned to products and inspection reports can be added.

Additional modules

In addition to the standard modules, it is also possible to purchase additional modules.

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Beeldscherm met programmeercode


Integrations with ERP-systems: Ecmanage has standard interfaces ready for standard ERP-systems.

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Native app

Ecmanage’s new Native app enables users to quickly and easily order clothing from anywhere.

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Request a demo

Request a demo and we’ll show you where our Ecmanage system fits your needs in the entire business process of your workwear and PPE.