The wardrobe management system for workwear, PPE and tools.

Ecmanage is the wardrobe mangement system for the complete ordering process of workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools.


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Ecmanage went to Van den IJssel in IJsselstein, a supplier of company clothing, safety shoes and clothing and a proud user of our wardrobe management system. “The possibilities of Ecmanage are limitless,” according to Van Den IJssel.


The simple wardrobe mangement system makes ordering workwear even easier!


Because the wardrobe management system is fully customisable to your needs, it is extremely flexible.


By integrating our wardrobe management system to an ERP system, the adminstrative processes are accelerated. This saves time and money!


Because of the many expansion possibilities, there are plenty of options to create a functionally fine and attractive system for your users.

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For your convenience and for all your customers

Completely customisable

Upload your customer’s logo, choose an icon set and customise the colors. Create a seperate environment for each customer, which you fully customise to the needs of the customer. Customise the entire environment to your corporate identity.


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Wardrobe management system


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Ecmanage takes the stress out of obtaining and delivering workwear and PPE for your customers.​

In addition, it can be as simple as you like, and can be extensively customised to your needs ander desires.


Ecmanage is suitable for products and suppliers of corporate clothing, but technical, central government and the security industry can also benefit greatly from Ecmanage.


Ecmanage has many standard features. These functionaltities ensure fast and easy ordering of company clothing. Work with budgets. clothing sets, validations, and much more!​


Ecmanage has a large amount of modules that allow the system to be fully personalised. For example, orders can be placed using a personal budget, the environment can be adapted to your brand colors and it can be integrated to ERP systems.

ISO27001 certification

Information security is very important at Ecmanage. Therefor, since 2017 we have met the requirements of ISO27001 and NEN7510. These certificates are guaranteed and checked annualy.

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Read our brochure for a brief overview of how the system works and what it can offer your organisation.

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