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Mobile internet and new apps are on the rise. The time that phone users spend on apps has increased significantly over the past two years. On average, consumers spend 4.2 hours a day on apps on their smartphone. This is because more and more users are looking for things on their mobile device, no less than 52 percent of all online traffic in the Netherlands comes from a mobile device.

We live in a so-called ‘mobile first society’, a large group of companies see it as an advantage to design a mobile-friendly website. More than 25 percent of website visits are made via mobile phone, we see that outside working hours people are very inclined to surf with their mobile phone. In the morning on public transport or in the evening on the tablet.

Within the market for clothing management systems, we see that this need is also increasing. People want to buy new clothes quickly and easily, but this does not only apply to clothes. We currently live in an society where people have unlimited access to various online services. Office and opening hours hardly play any role anymore.

Are you already aware of the new Ecmanage app?

Mobile apps are developed with a user-friendly goal, usually apps are even easier to use than the mobile version of the website and apps are already being used within various industries. Retailer mobile apps are inseparable from our retinas. Ecmanage is also not sitting still, between Q4 of this year and Q1 of the new calendar year we expect to launch the new Ecmanage app. Our new app will become a platform that brings suppliers and carriers together. Our new app will make the ordering process of workwear easier for the employee, it will also be mobile which makes ordering even more accessible. Imagine you are at the workplace and your work trousers are damaged, then you can quickly and easily order new work trousers during the break.

The Ecmanage app will offer the user the opportunity to carry out everything related to his/her order in a well-arranged manner. As with the web version, it will be possible as an employer to allocate budget to the employee. A virtual budget allows the user to purchase clothing items within his limit. The limit is usually set by the user’s employer. In addition, a distinction can be made between department, position, employment and/or gender.

There is also an online web shop in the app where the user can make a selection from the
clothing items that are relevant to his/her position or field of expertise. Within this ordering process, the order is given the opportunity to select a desired size and is then led to a shopping cart where address details and any comments can be entered. After placing the order, there is also an option to view the order status of your order.

How does Ecmanage handle your personal data?


It is our responsibility that the personal data of our customers is well protected. With an ISO 27001 Certification we know better than anyone how to do this. By filling in a verification pin, the app can be opened, in addition, the user can also add mobile facial recognition. In our business operations, high-quality service and unburdening the customer are paramount. Ecmanage is an innovative company that listens to the wishes and needs of its target group. A new mobile app facilitates the ordering process of more than 350,000 users.

Are you curious about how Ecmanage can simplify the ordering process of your clothing management system? Please feel free to contact us or schedule a demo!

Written by:

Mcvillein Agahake (Marketing)

Date: September 19, 2022

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