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What does a Wardrobe Management System do for your customer satisfaction?

A Wardrobe Management System has several advantages. It has advantages for the workwear suppliers but also for the employees who can order their workwear via this system. Some examples are listed and described below. 


For the employees, it is a user-friendly system to order their workwear. They have their own login information on their personal login screen. A menu bar on the left side of the screen makes it clear where the employee can order his/her clothing. Also on the homepage, the employee can navigate to the right page via quick-access buttons. The design of the Wardrobe Management System is clear and easy to understand.

Less mistakes 

Because everything is implemented automatically, possible mistakes are avoided. Before the workwear is ordered, the employer would first have to give permission (optional). The Wardrobe Management System also knows exactly which products the employee owns and how much he orders in every period. This makes it clear to the employee what he has in his possession, what he has handed in and what he has ordered. There will be no hassle between the employer and the wearer about the workwear clothing. In addition, the employee knows exactly when he can order new clothing. The Wardrobe Management System ensures a clear ordering process, from ordering to returning the clothing. 

Easy returns and hand in 

Employees can only return and hand in clothing that is registered as being ‘in possession’. The wearer can easily select exactly what he wants to return, and the system will then also remove this clothing from the list of products he has in his possession. The budget points will automatically be transferred back to the account. It is an easy and clear way of working with returns. The same accounts for the hand-ins: a clear and easy process for the employees.

For the employees who order via the Wardrobe Management System there are many advantages in addition to those offered to the employer and the workwear supplier. The most important advantages are that the system is user-friendly, flexible per employee, efficient and comprehensive. This makes it a convenient and easy system to work with, with many advantages. 

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Written by:

Tobias Giger (Marketing)

Date: March 3, 2022

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