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Buying clothes online has become a quick and easy solution for many people today. In contrast to a few years ago, when you had to visit a store in order to purchase a particular item, you can now easily purchase it online. Online web shops have significantly changed the way people shop for clothes, clothes no longer have to be purchased on a day out. We are able to compare prices easily and access a variety of products quickly.

There are many possibilities with online shopping, just as there are with Ecmanage. An online clothing management system is more than just a web store; it provides users with direct access to a collection of clothing packages compiled by their supplier. It is a great addition to your workwear business to offer your customers something extra.

Ecmanage enables customers to empower their employees in their own environment to allocate garment sets, validate orders, and allocate budgets to carriers. For example, within the logistics process, the logistics manager is given the authority to approve orders from carriers within his/her department. As a supplier, you can arrange this entirely as you see fit.

Certain functions have their own dress code. It is possible to find and assign the correct clothing using a clothing management system. Depending on the function of the employee, clothing sets can be created. Providing all the clothing items in a web store may not make it clear to the customer which items are suitable for their occupation.

Ecmanage determines what a user is able to order based on setss. All the products that are available for ordering are included in this composition. These setss can be linked to people easily. The links are made based on the function, employment, and gender of each individual. It is possible to set an effective date within a sets, which determines from what date the set with the products can be ordered. It is possible to vary the orderable products over time by adding multiple effective dates and linking products to them. For example, the standard products will be available from the 1st of January, and the summer products will be available from the 1st of June. There are four types of setss available in our clothing management system: Normal , Starter , Personalised, and Bulk sets . The different types of sets are described below.

Normal sets

An ordinary set is one that is required for normal ordering by user.

Starter sets

In order to place an order, a user must first order the starter set.

Personalised sets

This allows users to link customised products in addition to those form the standard pack.

Bulk sets

Ordering in bulk allows you to place large quantities of orders for all products within an environment.

In addition to offering different sets, Ecmanage offers a variety of services. If you would like to learn more about Ecmanage, please contact us and request a demo!

Written by:

Mcvillein Agahake (Marketing)

Date: April 14, 2023

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