Blog: Does corporate clothing have a positive effect on my organisation?

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Companies apply various ways to increase their visibility. Marketing expressions are now among one of the fundamental strategies used by companies. Generally, marketing is a direct approach and measurable. But did you know that corporate clothing with a company logo has an increasing effect on your company’s visibility?

Employees walking around in corporate clothing represent your company both inside and outside the premises. By applying corporate clothing, you can increase active brand engagement with the desired target group. It has been proven that visual expressions are better stored in the human brain. When we see stewardesses walking around, we recognize the airline within seconds and immediately make certain associations. Potential customers will also remember your brand better.

As a company, you exude professionalism with corporate clothing; customers link this to reliability and expertise. By adopting a certain style of clothing, you also create a certain image. Choose clothes that match your brand identity. Using the right colours is an important aspect. When you do practical work as a company, it is common for employees to wear flexible clothing, which makes performing the work pleasant. In services, formality is important, business casual clothing works well here.

In addition to promoting external influences, wearing business clothing instils a sense of belonging among your employees. You perform together, togetherness and similarities within a company are important values that can be stimulated by wearing company clothing. Employees represent the company; by wearing work clothes, you strengthen your employees’ sense of responsibility. Wearing company clothing also serves to protect employees.

Does your company already have company clothing or are you considering buying company clothing? Managing company clothing and the associated ordering process can be an intensive task. There are employees with different functions and tasks to consider, each with their own clothing package. To keep a good overview and simplify the ordering process, Ecmanage offers the solution. With our clothing management system, employees can order their company clothing within their own unique portal.

Ecmanage is a progressive organisation that simplifies the business process of more than 100 corporate clothing suppliers. These clients use our system for their customers, through unique portals. Unburdening the customer is one of our core values: Due to the user-friendliness of our system, organisations can build on a portal and app that will save both time and costs.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your company? We would be happy to provide a no-obligation demonstration of our system. Please contact or call +31 (0)70 415 7120.

Written by:

Mcvillein Agahake (Marketing)

Date: January 3, 2023

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