Blog: What are some much used functionalities of the Wardrobe Management System of Ecmanage?

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Do you want to know what is possible with Ecmanage and would you like some examples? Then be sure to read this blog.

The wardrobe management system of Ecmanage has many functionalities. The software gives the supplier complete control over the ordering process of workwear, PPE and tools. The software is extremely comprehensive, allowing the process to be fully organised, structured and efficient. The system is also very user-friendly and increases the general user satisfaction with the ordering process.

Ecmanage has a lot of different functionalities that optimise the ordering process to the maximum. In this blog, we’ll discuss these points and give examples from practice.

Ordering with personal budgets

The use of Ecmanage is based on budget points and budgets per carrier. Points can be exchanged for clothing. It is possible to give people their own budgets. By giving personal budgets to the employees, it is easy to monitor who can order clothing.

What does this look like in practice? Here is an example for a supermarket: You are a supermarket manager and you have someone new working at the checkout. The employee is given a personal budget to buy the necessary workwear. When someone has been employed for two years, this person is also entitled to new clothes, so they are assigned a budget. Suppose all the shelf stackers get new uniforms, you can also assign a budget to everyone in this department.

In this way the purchase of clothing can be properly monitored and it is clear what the total budget is that has been spent. The budgets ensure that the purchase of clothing is not unlimited for the wearers.

Ordering custom products

In addition to personal budgets, Ecmanage works with personal products. A clothing package is not always the same for all employees, it is possible to add personal products to a carrier.

For example, the construction industry: in the construction industry, employees often have to wear safety shoes. Of course, it could be that someone needs customised shoes. Then you don’t want someone else to be able to order this product as well. We call this a custom product: A product that only one person can order and nobody else.

Registered returns

Returning products has never been easier. The system knows the products that the wearer owns. The products that have been ordered are neatly listed in the system, making it easy to select products to return. It is therefore not possible, for example, for the wearer to return that he has never ordered.

If we look at the example of the supermarket, it goes like this: the manager can choose to return items from his employees or let them do it themselves. He can also return all the clothes of a department at once. It is possible to obligate an employee to return his/her clothing when he/she leaves the company, for example by means of a user agreement. This way, you know for sure that someone no longer has clothing with the employer’s logo on it.

It is an ideal system for ordering, returning and organising work clothing.

Integrating with an ERP system

One of the advantages of Ecmanage is that it is possible to integrate it with an ERP system. This saves money, prevents mistakes and reduces the administrative burden. Ecmanage can be integrated to various ERP systems, including AFAS Software, Cash Bedrijfssoftware and Exact Online.


Ecmanage has many specific reports. Ecmanage’s reports are extremely comprehensive and specific. For example, it shows how much has been ordered per wearer and department. For accounting purposes, it displays an account overview, a budget overview for the wearers and a clear overview of all departments and wearers. Sales and turnover of the departments and products can also be generated . An overview of the assortment and stock can also be found in the system, and much more. Contact us to view all possible reports.

Besides all these possibilities, much more can be done with Ecmanage. If you are curious about all these features, please contact us and we will plan a demo!

Written by:

Tobias Giger (Marketing)

Date: March 24, 2022

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