Vores system er velegnet til forskellige applikationer og markedssegmenter.


Ecmanage’s customers can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Producers and suppliers of corporate clothing;
  • The technical wholesaler;
  • Major end users / governmental institutions.

Manufacturers and suppliers of workwear

Ecmanage has specific advantages for the producer of workwear/supplier, with which they can easily take their services to a higher level. Some advantages are:

  • Add an unlimited number of customers with their own user environment and corporate identity;
  • Clothing packages linked based on the work context, such as function and employment type;
  • Simplifying the internal ordering process, but also your customer’s ordering process;
  • Reducing hidden internal costs.

The technical wholesaler

Ecmanage is very suitable for technical wholesalers. Due to the many specific advantages that Ecmanage offers for this group, this group can also improve its services and retain customers for longer. Some advantages are:

  • Periodic inspection of tools and PPE. With the asset management module, it is now also possible to indicate how many days in advance an automatic warning should be sent that the item is due for inspection or replacement;
  • Setting up company vehicles with personal equipment (mechanics/installers) for clothing and PPE as well as tools;
  • Registering custom products.

End users / governmental institutions

Ecmanage is very suitable for central governments. For this customer group, it applies that they are organized in a decentralized way, but that they (have to) arrange purchasing centrally. With the help of Ecmanage, decentralized policy can be facilitated centrally. The main reason that these parties have chosen Ecmanage is the security of the system. Ecmanage is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. Examples of end users are:

  • The Dutch Police;
  • The Dutch Fire Brigade;
  • G4S (global contract).

Anmod om demo

Anmod om en demo, så viser vi dig, hvor vores Ecmanage-system passer til dine behov i hele forretningsprocessen af ​​dit arbejdstøj og PPE.