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Various clothing items and packages are available to users within a clothing management system. These packages are linked by Function, Employment, and Gender, and can be ordered using budget points, currency, or validations. Indeed, a minimum or maximum quantity may need to be attached to a particular product. You can specify within a package how many times a product, or a group of products, may be ordered within a given period. For example, shoes can only be ordered once a year. These rules are called ”Package validations”.

It can be seen as a set of guidelines that ensure the accuracy and consistency of all data entered. These rules are applied while entering and ordering products in the ordering system. Validation rules ensure that all data meets specific criteria and that possible errors or incompleteness are avoided. You can set validation for individual products as well as for groups of products. For example, the wearer can order a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes, but has a choice of 5 different models in these. Using validation rules within Ecmanage, inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the data are minimised. Customers and garment suppliers can rely on this system when managing and ordering garments. Furthermore, it improves productivity and efficiency by ensuring the smooth flow of information.

By implementing Ecmanage’s clothing management system, you will be able to reduce your daily administrative tasks. With Ecmanage, you can easily order and replace company clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). The ordering process with Ecmanage is very simple, within three steps, the wearer has ordered their desired item!

Providing a Wardrobe management system will help you retain customers, and will also be a strong argument in the sales process. As a software as a service (SAAS), Ecmanage can be easily offered to your customers and customized to meet their needs. Also, Ecmanage has a native app that makes ordering even easier.

In summary, validation rules can be a valuable component of garment management systems. Using them reduces errors and enhances efficiency in business processes. Your order processing will be flawless with Ecmanage!

Written by:

Mcvillein Agahake (Marketing)

Date: Juni 1, 2023

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