Blog: Ecmanage’s Wardrobe Management System versus an Online Webshop

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Do you want to know what the difference is between Ecmanage’s Clothing Management System and an Online Webshop? Then be sure to read this blog.

Nowadays almost every company has an online store. Especially in the Corona time, a webshop was essential to keep your company running as much as possible. Everyone has been on a webshop, but not everyone has used a Wardrobe Management System. If you don’t know what a Wardrobe Management System is, you would likely think that it looks a lot like an online webshop. However, it’s very different. The following examples of functionalities are possible with a Wardrobe Management System but not with an online webshop.

Custom Products

Personal products are products that have been created specifically for a wearer and are connected to him/her. The personal products can be connected to the user in 2 ways:

  1. Custom products tool. With this tool you can select the desired wearer and see an overview of which products are connected to this wearer. Examples of this are special shoes and prescription glasses. In this overview you can add a new product to the selected wearer. This can be done very easily by pressing “Add” at product-level;
  2. Manage the users. On the “Personal products” tab, products can be linked to the selected user. First you will see an overview of which products and which sizes are connected to this user. By clicking on the “Edit” button, a list is displayed with the articles from the “Personal package”. By clicking on the checkbox for a product you can add or remove the article by clicking the checkmark. You can also lock multiple sizes by clicking on the sizes via the selection list behind the article.

Manage clothing sets

In Ecmanage’s Clothing Management System, clothing packages are used to determine what someone can order. These are sets based on the department, function and employment type of the wearer, containing all products that can be ordered for a person specifically. These packages are then linked to the wearers.

Within the package, these selection of products have an effective date. This determines from when this package with these products can be ordered. As soon as a person starts to order, the order screen looks at the data of that person and retrieves all packages that are linked to that person. These products are listed and grouped and sorted depending on how that is set up in Ecmanage.

User-friendliness of Ecmanage

With the term user-friendly we mean a system where it is as easy and clear as possible for wearers to place an order. Much thought has been given to this in Ecmanage’s Wardrobe Management System and the system is geared to this. It is, for example, possible to fix personal measurements. In the system under “My Clothing” and then “My data -> Person sizes” you will find the previously selected sizes.

The wearer sees the measures, but a manager can also see them. This way, a manager can also order products for a wearer without having to contact the wearer. In addition, if a wearer saves a measure in the system, the system remembers this and these measures are also stored when logging in on other devices.

Need more information?

Ecmanage tries to ensure that wearers can order a product within 3 clicks. Does this appeal to you? For more information you can email us at or call us at +31 704157120. An appointment to get a demo about the Wardrobe Management System is also quickly made via the demo request button:

Written by:

Tobias Giger (Marketing)

Date: May 12, 2022

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